The cult of the birdman in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) has a tradition that was intended to capture the first egg of the Manutara, a sacred migratory bird that nested on an islet in front of a large volcano on Eastern Island. The first man to get it would become the Tangata Manu ¨birdman¨, a divinity of the island.

The waiting (Espera) for the arrival of the bird was done in caves with great acoustics that allowed the natives to listen for the Manutara from a great distance. The chirping of the birds was the signal, and the beginning of the Challenge (Desafío).

The men elected by the different tribes descended from the steep cliffs of the volcano and swam to the islet, sometimes aided by woven reed rafts.

They had to wait on the island for several days until one man could find the sacred egg of the Manutara. On the way back from the islet, the chosen one who was able to bring the egg back to the King was proclaimed Tangata Manu “birdman”. This is the beginning of its Evolution (Evolución) from the human to the divine, to be revered by all the tribes of Rapa Nui until the new arrival of the Manutara on the following spring.




Our Vineyards

Manutara vineyards has 197 hectares spread across the Maule Valley in Chile, from the Andes Mountains to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Different types of microclimates and soils can be found in this valley allowing the development of many different grape wine varieties. We have conducted a deep study of these micro terroirs, allowing us to select the specific grape variety for each one of our vineyards.

The Mediterranean weather conditions found in Maule valley, characterized by warm days and cool nights, give the amplitude of temperature necessary to obtain high quality grapes. This climate, in combination with the low yield control of the vineyards, allows us to obtain high concentrated grapes, producing intense wines with a complexity and expression difficult to find in other wine valleys around the world.



Our winemaking team has always maintained "80% of the origin of a good wine rests in the vineyards and only 20% come from the winery."  This is the basis for the care and dedication in the way we work the vineyards, which has enabled us to produce world-renowned wines. Harvest after harvest, we carefully study all the variables of our production processes, which allows us to constantly improve our wine.

The hallmark of our wines is achieved by finding the precise moment of harvest, allowing us to work with grapes that have the precise ripeness to obtain soft and round tannins.

We manually pick our grapes in an early morning harvest to preserve the freshness of each grape.

Our philosophy is based on doing things right, including a sustainable culture in all production processes are conducted with respect for the environment and care for our people, the sum of which has resulted in the production of high quality wines.



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